Our Signature Event: The Soul Picnic

Immerse yourself in the ultimate celebration of music, culture, and soulful experiences. Mark your calendars for a day filled with unforgettable performances and joyous gatherings in the heart of the Carolinas.

Save the Date: 06/22/2024

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The Pioneers of the Day Party

At the forefront of cultural celebration, Dynasty5 stands as the architect of the day party scene. For more than a quarter-century, we have carved out a niche for the mature professional, curating events that resonate with depth, sophistication, and unbridled enjoyment. Our legacy in North Carolina as the premier event promotions entity is built on the pillars of quality, exclusivity, and the joy of a shared experience.

Our journey is intertwined with the vibrant tapestry of African American culture in the Carolinas, championing not just entertainment, but an elevated platform for artists and audiences alike. Our mission extends beyond the rhythm and the beat to imbue every gathering with cultural integrity and social significance. With every event, we pledge to foster economic equality and craft a lasting legacy that the next generation will look back on with pride and forward to with anticipation.

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